Crazy in love

Snowmagedon has passed and we all survived. I don't know about you guys, but by day two I was already stir crazy and aching to leave my house.

After the snow melted and about 90% of my classes had to be cancelled. I got to teach an incredibly fun Valentine's Day class. I taught my first ever group heels class, and we had an absolute blast!

I promised to share a video tutorial I found of the choreography we will be continuing on with this week. This is the music video portion that Queen B does at the very end with all those beautiful bright colored dresses.

This week will be a heels optional class again, because it was so much fun. Then we'll be back to everybody in sneakers next week.

If you're in my class, or looking to join and have a song you want to dance to hit me up. I'm always looking for new music to work with. Hell even if you're not in my class and have a song suggestion hit me up.

later homies.

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