"How can I practice at home?"

There are TONS of ways to practice at home. These are some of the ways that I practice and always encourage my students to use the same FREE and PAID tools.


There are tons of tutorials to try, all ranging in difficulty and duration.


For quick lessons of basic concepts I recommend STEEZY! Their free tutorial videos are engaging, simple and short. They also have a member ship that offers classes from artists and is $100 a year.

I'm a paying member and really appreciated that they included the cultural history of most movements. They offer a toggling camera view as well, that made me squeal with joy.


These are gold! I refer all of my private lesson students to this guy right here! The tutorials are mirrored and he breaks down every movement of the moves. There's repetition, emphasis on weight placement and timing.

He also offers varying levels of choreography, The easy one's are the kid one's though and I know for some of my students that's disheartening. The dances are fun though.

Dance Tutorials aka Matt Steffanina

Challenge time! These dances are for more advanced dancers! I like that he goes slow, then speeds it up, BUT due to copyright you don't get to practice with music in the tutorials.

I use these to push my memory and technique. The dances are always a lot of fun though. There are a lot of similar choreographers, however I find that he teaches in a very approachable way and never assumes that you know terminology.

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