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So you've got a student who can replicate movements but is not connecting with the music. Regardless of their age it is often a battle to get them actively listening to the music. I've been struggling with teaching my students how to connect and listen to the music in order to create a basic eight count.

Here is my suggestion.

1. Take a few movements that can be used repetitively and universally.

2. Guide your student through several eight counts.

3. Step away and let them repeat that pattern without you.

Students are often focusing on mimicking your movements. Give them the example then let them try it out. They may feel uncomfortable or nervous, but that is okay. Remind them that they are physically watching their learning curve. That is commendable. They are learning something new and pushing their mind's and bodies. By allowing your student time to see how their movements fit with the music they are learning a skill that they can carry into any dance lesson and in social dancing as well. Remember you won't always be there to yell "5, 6, 7, 8!"

listen to the music, let it guide your motions.

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