I was just walking. That part infuriates me the most. I was just strolling along and felt my left hip pop. It hurt, I stopped, pain subsided and I kept on.

Let's back this thing up a bit. I was born with hip dysplasia. Pediatricians check infants hips for a click, and mine are clicky af. I had to wear a brace that looked like this.

So this week, after seven days with no improvement, I headed to the doctor to see if I should be dancing on this thing.

"Get a sub!" she announced as she entered the room.

So no dancing for me. I'm onto an Orthopedic appointment this Friday and Physical Therapy next month.

The pain isn't constant, it's with use. Walking the mall to buy a baby shower gift left me limping and in pain for the evening.

I have no eta as to when I'll be back dancing yet. Fingers crossed it's soon.

In the meantime I am working on getting a TA and have had a student offer to help. I am insanely grateful for this amazing community once again stepping up.

Hoping to have classes up and running next week. See everyone soon.


ps: for more info on infant hip dysplasia, or external snapping hip syndrome click the respective photos.

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